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Allyance Partners is a leading advisor in complex property transactions, including complicated property exchanges, creative real estate financing, private equity real estate vehicles, REITS, international real estate transactions and other exotic property conveyances such as undivided and fractional ownership.  Our staff of professionals has helped clients favorably resolve what are often fraudulent conveyances or sale’s contracts.  Our team includes seasoned lawyers, accountants, and real estate professionals, experienced in fixing even the most egregious situations on behalf of our clients.

1031 Exchanges.  A 1031 Exchange can be a very complex transaction.  A Property Exchange is by definition when one qualified parcel of real property is sold and a second qualified parcel of real property is purchased within a specified period of time.  The “exchange” is not considered a sale for tax purposes and the buyer is entitled to tax deferred gain treatment. These exchanges are outlined in detail by U.S. Code §1031.

In order to qualify for a 1031 exchange, several underlying conditions must be met:

(1) the properties must be “like kind” and must be used for trade, investment or business purposes;

(2) the funds of the exchange must go through a “qualified intermediary”;

(3) all sale proceeds must be used to purchase the “like kind” property; and

(4) the purchased property must be subject to equal or greater debt than the sold property.

If any of the funds are transferred through the agent or third person, the funds become taxable. Any unused monies are also taxable. If the purchased property has a lower debt, taxes are due on the amount of the decrease.

Private Equity Vehicles.  Many private real estate equity strategies in the U.S. have recently been leaning towards several key themes: urban, in-fill,high-quality, coastal, gateway, or primary markets. This is not an entirely novel strategy; pursuing high-quality urban assets in larger coastal markets has been popular with many investment managers over the years. However, the strategy has rarely been so broadly supported by conventional wisdom as it has been in the recent past. This has also made the strategy somewhat ubiquitous. The strategy has become popular among funds and separate accounts, both domestic and non U.S., as well as many publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). Given the apparent preponderance of equity capital that is targeting what we’ll call “urban, large-market strategies,” it is an opportune time to evaluate whether these investment vehicles are the right option for our clients.

International Real Estate.  International Real Estate transactions carry with them numerous unique considerations that if not properly handled can dramatically change the tax consequences as well as the overall financial success of the project.  Transactions involving clients who are non-US citizens, entering into transactions with non-citizens, acting as an agent for a non-citizen who owns a condominiums which he or she rents to others, or who are renting or purchasing condominiums from non-citizens, are just a few scenarios among many that have special legal and financial considerations.  In these situations, both you and your real estate client may be unwittingly exposing yourselves to substantial personal liability for unpaid US income taxes associated with these transactions.  Allyance Partners want to alert you to these issues so that you and/or your clients can avoid the headache of unanticipated tax liability.

Complicated Real Estate Structures.   Allyance Partners assist its clients in identifying, structuring, negotiating, contracting for and closing the purchase of more complex real estate transactions such as  tenants-in-common interests in multiple multi-tenant commercial office buildings that may involve numerous state and local jurisdictions.  The structure transactions in close compliance with revenue procedures, including the assumption of a pro rata share of the existing permanent financing on the office buildings and structuring the management rights of the respective tenants-in-common interest.

Allyance is experienced in structuring elaborate institutional real estate transactions. Our professionals negotiate and structure such transactions, covering all essential aspects of real estate law, including the mortgage financing process, title insurance, and the elements of real estate development.  We handle the entire process in step-by-step structuring of major real estate transactions, including documentation and filing requirements.

Undivided & Fractional Ownership.  Many owners believe they were misled when induced to purchase their timeshare property interest, heavily relying on representations that were later found to be untrue.  The law requires all Timeshare Companies to deliver a detailed and truthful disclosure document detailing all material facts relevant to making your purchase decision. The law also protects timeshare consumers from misleading and deceptive trade (sales) practices.  Finally, state and federal law provides numerous legal and equitable sanctions and remedies when such statutes are violated.  If you felt mislead during the sales process, it is very important that you understand all of your legal rights and options, and that you exercise those rights in a timely fashion.

The Allyance mission is to help timeshare and other exotic vacation and retirement property owners achieve the goals they had set when they purchased the property or contract.  It’s never too late to realize your dreams by addressing any problems that may have arisen during or after the purchase of your timeshare.  At Allyance, our experienced team of professionals creates custom tailored solutions for our clients.  As your ally, we work tirelessly to correct once and for all what are often one-sided financially debilitating timeshare contracts signed by un- or ill- informed clients by sales people all too willing to    sacrifice veracity for a lucrative commission.

The process of fixing your problematic timeshare transaction begins with a comprehensive consultation at no cost to our clients.  We will be able to quickly analyze and assess your situation and advise you as to how we can be of service.  Irrespective of whether you’re inclined to sell, cancel, modify or continue your timeshare contract or property ownership, we can help you navigate the complicated waters of timeshare transactions to ensure that all of your goals with respect to your vacation timeshare or retirement property are fully and satisfactorily achieved.

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