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God Cloud is a full-featured internet portal for Christians and those seeking the truth about God and his son Jesus who died on the cross to save those who would believe.   God Cloud is designed to provide access to the best quality information regarding churches, ministries, Christian groups, events and charities, relevant news, job and volunteer opportunities, as well as numerous other features important to the 250 Million people who self-identify as Christians throughout the country.  God Cloud is full of the very latest in Christian Music, Movies, Books, Videos, Sermons, Study Aids, Christian Counseling, Christian Causes, and more.

If you are a church, ministry, charity, group, business, or event, GodCloud.com provides the very best opportunity to reach out to believers and seekers in your area of influence.  God Cloud was built to provide a seeker friendly low-risk resource for unchurched individuals desiring more information about the Christian Faith, local churches, what we believe, etc. in a way that is fairly non-invasive.  For Christians, God Cloud provides a full featured portal containing just about everything that could be needed and delivered digitally over the internet; from bible versions and study aids, sermon and teaching videos, streaming Christian Music, Sermons, and Christian Radio, local events, conferences, crusades, revivals, merchants, shopping, and more.

Finally, God Cloud provides a place where those in need can ask for help.  Whether they’d like to speak, chat, correspond or pray with a counselor, or communicate a financial, physical or other need, God Cloud is a community of believers that are inspired to help everyone.  God Cloud features a donation and fundraising system that allows its members to give charitably to those requesting help.  Whether a single mother whose electricity has been shut off or a community member who encounters serious and expensive healthcare issues, God Cloud provides a way that the Body of Christ can be notified of needs in each persons community, as well as a system to give to those in need.

God Cloud is a Christian Non-Profit that is sustained by gifts and support from its users.  We very much appreciate our partners charitable donations.  Click Here To Support GodCloud.org

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